We are: Julia Hagenmüller – soprano, creative producer; Lena Spohn – mezzo, creative producer; Huihui Cheng, Anna Korsun and Katharina Roth – three composers with very different practices, backgrounds and universes; Kapitolina Tcvetkova – stage director and visual artist;

We are connecting music and scene intrinsically so that both parts evolve from each other. From the very beginning of the project, all participants have been working in close and equal exchange on the creation of the piece. We have dissolved the boundary between writers and performers in this intensive discussion process. In addition, we have consciously chosen to form an exclusively female team for this project. Women‘s collectives are still a rarity in contemporary music theatre. However, in dealing with the figure of Kassandra, we want to address her experience of violence, her struggle for words, and the challenge of communication with her audience as a specifically female experience: Kassandra is one of us.

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